Acupuncture for Hormone Balance and Weight Loss

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Though acupuncture is primarily used to relieve physical pain, it is also used to get rid of other physical problems. The therapy of Acupuncture for hormone balance and weight loss is the most popular today. So if you want to get rid of unbalanced hormones or overweight problems, acupuncture treatment is definitely a good decision. In this article, we will discuss in detail the acupuncture therapy for hormonal balance and weight loss.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, so called the ancient Chinese medicine is now gaining acceptance across the world. The theories and practices of it are not based on such scientific knowledge, but it has relieved people from all types of pain for more than 3,000 years. It involves inserting very fine needles through the skin at specific points on the body, at different depths. It is being used for overall wellness, including stress management, hormonal balanced as well as losing weight.

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Acupuncture for hormone balance and weight loss

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How hormonal imbalance can change your body:

You can link up the Yin and Yang theory with hormonal imbalance. For this, the two most important hormone, testosterone and estrogen, can be considered. Imagine Yin (feminine, still, inward and dark one) as estrogen Hormone. And yang is linked to Testosterone hormone which is more masculine, loud, moving and bright one. Your body achieves balance by these two elements. When the levels of specific hormone adjust then it create changes in body such as weight gain. Women prescribed the Estrogen hormone to weight gain. In human body there are 30 different hormones that frequently become imbalanced.

The relationships between different bodily systems are also like yin and yang. When they are out of balance, all of other systems of body can be affected adversely. Mainly the woman who has experienced hormonal imbalances in menstrual cycle regulation, menopause or pregnancy can testify to this.

What is the Role of acupuncture for hormone balance and weight loss?

Acupuncture is an ancient method of treatment. It regulates the body and treats and prevents the diseases without the use of conventional medicine. The first task of an acupuncturist is to detect if there is any impairment in the patient’s physical system. Therefore, the primary focus of the acupuncturists will be the diagnosis of symptoms of a specific imbalanced hormonal system in the patient. Then he/she translates these symptoms into Qi and blood imbalances or yin and yang through the traditional Chinese medicine TCM.

To determine the true cause of hormonal imbalance, the acupuncturist begins a detailed discussion with the patient about their symptoms and treatments. For example, if you have problems with fatigue and being overweight, you can target Pliny. Then treatment begins. To get a complete treatment for the disease, it can take several weeks or months of treatment to improve depending on how long the disease has lasted and how badly it has infected.

Acupuncture for Hormonal imbalance; is it safe?

You might have doubt about applying of Acupuncture in Hormonal balance treatment as TCM is ancient enough and have no scientific practices. But many researchers documented that acupuncture has direct effects on hormonal production. Even it has none of the side effects or toxicity that found in Western medicinal approaches.

Researchers also ensured that it is more effective than Western hormone replacement therapies. As an example, the synthetic hormones used for menopause in women sometimes elevate the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and also cancer. Many patients cannot take the medication because of their hormonal imbalances. But acupuncture is extremely safe in this case and has no such side effects as well.

In this case you have to choose a licensed and skilled acupuncturist as providing the balance in hormone is quite sensitive. A skilled acupuncturist selects the meridians and points after evaluating individual’s conditions and qi flow for the imbalance.

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Acupuncture for hormone balance and weight loss
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Acupuncture for weight loss

“Weight gain” today is a common concern for most people. Fortunately, acupuncture can be an effective way for losing weight. If you are very afflicted about your overweight, Acupuncture can calm you and can help you lose weight without resorting to drugs.

You might have questions that how it works on weight loss? Or, it contains any factor of balancing like yin and yang or not. Your answer is yes, body weight also need balancing like yin and yang and here acupuncture works.

It is true that excessive weight gains are mainly caused by malfunction of the spleen and liver organ systems.  The spleen system weakens when water retention began combined with fat stores due to over stimulation of insulin. TCM expresses the spleen system as the factor that is in charge of transformation and transportation of food .However treatments should be taken in early stage of damping the spleen system. Herbs and acupuncture can drain the dampness and also provide balance in the system.

How it works to lose weight:

In addition to controlling the spleen system, acupuncture also affects obesity hormones. Acupuncture treatment can control the ghrelin. The hormone mainly controls the start of meals and leptin, and also organizes fat storage. If you increase the level of leptin in your body, you will feel satisfied even after eating less. Conversely, if the ghrelin level rises, your body sends signals of food.

So, when you are under the acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will make your ghrelin production useless. Therefore, you cannot feel unnecessary hunger for food and it will simply help reduce your weight.

When exactly acupuncture works on your body:

If you think your acupuncturist is an expert and You have nothing to stress, then you are actually in mislead. It is not a feature of acupuncture to force the body to do anything. It is fully related with your mind setup and goals.

  • While treating the hormonal imbalance, always follow the changing of diet, exercise and other instructions of the acupuncturist strictly. You can use of special herbs or teas for restoring balance to your qi and your endocrine system. Set your mind to allow sufficient time for your endocrine system and hormonal levels to be balanced.
  • It is found that, When a person use acupuncture with other modern weight loss program together for losing weight, then It works very effectively and he has able to reduce much weight. So these treatments should be combined with a reduced calorie diet and proper physical exercise. Acupuncture treatments mainly depend on the patient’s goals for losing weight as well as commitment. If you have sincere efforts to achieve to reach in your weight loss goals, the number of treatment days will decrease as well.

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Considerations while treatments Acupuncture for Hormone Balance and Weight Loss:

  • If you are new in acupuncture treatments, 1st of all you have to ensure that the acupuncturist you choose, holds a certificate and is licensed to provide acupuncture treatment.
  • If you are a patient then your job is to be honest, patient, and mindful of your symptoms. Beside that, follow their changing and reacting to the treatments.
  • An acupuncturist’s job is to listen and observe properly, connect and treat accordingly

Overall of, no doubt you can choose the treatment of acupuncture for hormone balance and weight loss, but before that you have to prepare yourself.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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