Best Weight Loss Diet Chicken Broccoli

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Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. Who does not want a healthy figure? After all, a healthy body bears a sharp mind, and a sharp mind can lead you to success. In this era of junk and fast foods, most of us cannot maintain a healthy figure. So, we have to follow a proper guideline or a diet plan to maintain an attractive figure. I am sure you have gone through many diet plans and gone to the gym to keep yourself sound and healthy. Most of them didn’t work out, and so you are here looking for a new way. To address your concerns, here we have provided the details of the most effective “best weight loss diet chicken broccoli”

You will be glad to know that you have chosen the right way now. Chicken and Broccoli diet is one of the best diets you will ever know. You can lose weight as well as can put some weight according to your body’s demand with this diet plan.

So, let’s dig a little deeper into this diet plan so that you can decide whether you can go for it

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What does a chicken broccoli diet mean?

When you consume chicken and broccoli as your primary nutrition source, it is called a chicken broccoli diet. Chicken is a rich source of protein. Protein helps in our muscle and tissue building. On the other hand, broccoli is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, and it is deficient in calories.

Carbohydrates and fat are the most responsible source for our obesity. This chicken and broccoli diet helps in controlling of consumption of these two food components. If you follow this diet chart for 10-14 days, you will gain a perfectly healthy body.

Let’s take a look at the nutrition value of chicken and broccoli.

Chicken Breasts (100g):

Vitamin A0.4%
Vitamin C0%

Broccoli (100g):

Vitamin A12%
Vitamin C90%

Considering the nutritional values, we can say that chicken and broccoli works as a substitute for each other on a diet plan. Moreover, both of them provide you with a limited amount of carbohydrates, so it is evident that this diet chart will show you an excellent result.

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How to prepare the best weight loss diet chicken broccoli:

Nowadays, the chicken and broccoli diet is considered to be the best weight loss diet of all time. It is best because it gives you the best result within a concise period. It doesn’t take more than 10-14 days.

Here we have provided a diet plan of the “best weight loss diet chicken broccoli”, and you can also continue this diet by following some recipes such as stir fry of broccoli and chicken, a soup made from chicken and broccoli, etc. These recipes will also give you a very good result.

However, during your diet period, it is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated; otherwise, it can harm your health in the long run. Drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea or coffee. Make sure that you take your meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) on time.

1st two days with chicken and broccoli


Start your day with unsweetened one cup of green tea or black coffee. Then take two pieces of bread along with 200 grams of boiled broccoli. You can boil your broccoli in saltwater.


Take a cup of soup made by chicken stock. Have 100 grams of boiled broccoli. Then have some more chicken, approximately 150 grams. You can boil the chicken or fry it in a very little oil just remember always avoid deep frying.


250 grams of boiled broccoli in salt water will be perfect for dinner. Lastly, have a cup of green tea or black coffee and then go to bed.

3rd and 4th day with chicken and broccoli


Boil 200 grams of broccoli. Saute the boiled broccoli with olive oil, some salt and bell pepper, and have it.


Take 50 grams of chicken breasts and boil it. After that, saute the boiled chicken with tomato, olive oil, onion, and 150 grams of broccoli and enjoy your meal.


At dinner, you can have sautéed broccoli (200 grams) with olive oil, onion, and bell peppers.

  • 5th and 6th day with chicken and broccoli:


Let’s make a little special breakfast on your 5th day. Make a salad with 100 grams of boiled chicken and 100 grams of boiled broccoli and have it. Also, you can have two tablespoons of skim milk on this day.


Boil 200 grams of broccoli in salted water and have it. Also, have two pieces of bread with it.


!50 grams of cooked chicken breast will be perfect for dinner. Also, have a cup of skim milk before going to bed.

  • 7th and 8th day with chicken and broccoli


Start your day with unsweetened black coffee or green tea. Take 100 grams of boiled broccoli and two boiled eggs because it’s time to treat yourself.


Make a soup with chicken stock (250 ml). After the soup, you can have 150 grams of cooked chicken and 100 grams of boiled broccoli and enjoy your lunch.


At dinner, we shouldn’t take many foods because it causes obesity. So, take 250 grams of boiled broccoli. You can boil it in salted water. Before going to bed, have a cup of black coffee.

  • Last two days with chicken and broccoli:


Let’s try something new today. Boil two carrots and have them. Also, have 100 grams of boiled broccoli.


Make a salad using 100 grams of cooked chicken and 100 grams of boiled broccoli and have it along with two pieces of bread. Make sure your bread is whole wheat.


Boil 100 grams of broccoli with salted water and have it. Then have a cooked potato, and this is the last meal in your diet days.

How to gain weight with chicken and broccoli:

Chicken and broccoli- these two are very effective in keeping your body healthy, wealthy, and fit. They are highly nutritious and helps to faster the process of your muscle and tissue building. Chicken and broccoli work as a substitute for each other.

Basically, they are a perfect food item that can keep you fit. To be healthy, you may need to lose some weight, but for some people, it may need to put some weight to make their body fit. Although most of the articles talk about how to lose weight using chicken and broccoli diet, we are trying to make your body healthy with these food items. So, we are going to talk about more of its benefits. Chicken and broccoli are not only used for losing weight; instead, they can be used as a source of putting weight also.

Now, we are sharing some tips and tricks for underweight people and help them to have a lively figure.

Tips and Tricks for Underweight People:

  1. To gain some weight, you need to add more calories to your food. How can you do that? You can put some cheese sauce, fry chicken and broccoli with olive oil or soya bean oil. The tips are to try roast or deep fry your food.
  2. For breakfast, you can have two boiled or fried eggs along with cooked chicken and broccoli. The yolk of an egg is rich in calories, so; this will help you a lot. You can start your day with sweetened coffee or juice.
  3. For lunch, try to have some carbohydrate-rich food items such as rice. You can fry chicken and broccoli using butter and also use some sauce to make your food more delicious.
  4. For dinner, you can make ‘Ramen’ using chicken, broccoli, and egg. Ramen is a Japanese dish that is very high in calories. It is a trendy dish nowadays. Try it as your dinner, and you will not regret it; that’s for sure.
  5. If you want to gain or lose weight, there is no alternative to drinking water. Water makes your body healthier and keeps yourself hydrated always so that you can feel zestful. Water is also a very fruitful component to make your skin more glowing and soft. It keeps your hair hydrated and keep them lively always. Overall, to make and look at yourself healthy, you have to drink a lot of water daily.
  6. For gaining or losing weight, always try to consult a nutritionist if you feel weak.

Pros and Cons of the Best Weight Loss Diet Chicken Broccoli:


  • Chicken and broccoli diet ensures your fastest weight loss in a short period. It only takes one week to lose four to six kilograms if you follow the instructions strictly.
  • Many studies have admitted that protein helps to reduce weight. Chicken is a vibrant source of protein, and there is zero percentage of carbohydrates, which is very beneficial to lose weight.
  • A lower amount of carbohydrates helps you to reduce water weight. During our diet period, we need to take lots of water. Sometimes the water can add weight, so when you are taking zero carbohydrates, it can shed those water and save you from blotting.
  • Doctors suggest the smokers follow chicken and broccoli diet because this diet is very beneficial for their health and can keep them away from nicotine.
  • Chicken is a great source of vitamins (A, B) and minerals (sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus). Our body needs a bulk amount of vitamins and minerals that chicken can fill up.
  • This diet not only helps you to lose weight but also can develop your immune system. Chicken and broccoli balance the cholesterol level in your body. That’s why it is a very convenient diet to prevent coronary heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, etc.
  • Chicken and broccoli diet improves your cardiovascular system, immune system, and, most importantly, the digestive system.
  • Broccoli is a fantastic source of folic acid, which makes it a very beneficial food item during pregnancy.
  • To prevent cancer, phytochemicals, and antioxidants are very important. Broccoli is a great source of these food components.
  • Chicken and broccoli, these two items are perfect for diet because they keep you satiated for a more extended period. So, you don’t feel hungry, and it helps you to reduce your extra weight.


  • The biggest disadvantage is it may be found monotonous to have the same food items every day, but if you have some patience, it may gift you an amazing outcome.
  • This diet plan is very shallow in fat content, which is good for lose weight but sometimes can create some problems. Fat is a component that helps to function our body properly, so some of us can fall sick, who is used to take a lot of fatty food.
  • In some cases, it was seen that broccoli prohibits some mineral absorption like zinc and iron.

Although this diet plan has some demerits, the advantages actually take over it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is broccoli rice good for weight loss?

Broccoli rice can help you in losing weight. Broccoli is a high source of fiber that develops your digestion system. On the other hand, rice is a top source of carbohydrate that will give you strength. But carbohydrates can make you fat, so you have to take it in a small amount and make sure you take brown rice.

Is chicken rice and broccoli a good diet?

You can take brown rice in a small amount for a good diet. This will keep you strong during the diet period. Chicken is a high protein source, but zero in carbohydrate and broccoli is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, yes, chicken rice and broccoli is a very good option for diet.

How much chicken and broccoli should I eat?

Experts suggest that for the diet, you should take chicken and broccoli at least two meals a day. Also, it should consist of 66% of your meal in a day.

Does broccoli burn belly fat?

Yes, it does. Broccoli is a high fiber source that helps to develop your digestion system and also prevents constipation. Thus it helps to burn belly fat.

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