Circa beauty Reviews; Top 5 circa beauty products you need in your life

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As an avid makeup user, I am always looking for new products to try and find my newest favorites. There are a lot of makeup products I swear by, but in a world where the trends are changing almost every day, I’m all about trying and finding new things to swear by. I am sure my fellow makeup lovers can understand where I am coming from. A lot of the time people think changing makeup products every once in a while, is a waste of money. however, I personally think changing and thriving to find your newest favorites is actually great. Especially when the new product I am about to try is something from the drugstore. It will not cost a lot of money and if it turns out to be a favorite, it’s a win-win situation at its best.

The Circa beauty reviews- On my search for another affordable drugstore brand, I stumbled across Circa Beauty, a very affordable and useful beauty products brand. Today I will be talking about my top 5 circa beauty products that have changed the game for me. After using all these products for quite a long time, I have formed my opinion about it. There are both hits and misses and I will tell you all about it in today’s write-up.

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Introduction to Circa beauty:

Circa beauty was created by none other than the Eva Mendes. With an interview with, she said her main goal behind creating this brand was to offer something good without a heavy price tag. And after doing thorough research and usage, I can guarantee that she was absolutely right. She has definitely succeeded in what she wanted from this brand.

All the products from Circa Beauty cost within $15. I have not tried their entire line of products but I have tried a few and loved all of them. Below I will write an elaborated review about all of it.

Here are my top products from the brand Circa beauty:

1. Circa beauty fresh canvas fresh face primer, 3.5/5:

When I first got my hands on it, I was not that excited. As I have already mentioned I will be giving my honest opinion about everything. I do not believe in primers. Primers are marketed as something that will hold your makeup for long hours. Although the name suggests that it will prepare your face for the makeup and turn it into a fresh and blank canvas. However, my opinion of primers has changed quite a lot. I have found a lot of worthy primers in the drugstore and this is one of them. It comes in a tube. It is 1 fluid ounce, which is the ideal amount of product. This brand offers 3 different types of primer; a pore minimizer, an anti-stress primer and the fresh face primer. I bought the fresh face primer.

The texture is quite silicone-y and it looks clear and transparent. But upon applying my face felt very smooth. All the oiliness and shine were gone.

I have only applied this on the oilier and porous parts of my face like my nose, cheeks and Centre of the forehead. It toned down the oiliness and appearance of pores almost immediately. My foundation went on very smoothly and the results looked very amazing to me. After using it multiple times and observing my makeup, it definitely helped my makeup to stay longer. It has also toned down the appearance of oils in my face after a while. For a primer that costs less than $10, it definitely performed very well.

2. Circa beauty color balance BB cream, 3.5/5:

If I want to talk about my base coverage choices, I am more of a full coverage girl. But there are days when you do not want to apply a thick layer of foundation in your face. There are days when you want your skin to shine through. On days like these, a light BB cream is a perfect choice for you. A BB cream will even out your skin tone, make it glow and your appearance glow. This BB cream by circa beauty is the perfect product for that. It comes in a tube packaging that makes it perfect for carrying it anywhere with you. I love tube packaging for the convenience it provides. I apply this with a brush when I do not want any sort of coverage. I apply this with a beauty sponge when I want it to provide a little coverage. I lightly dust it with a little powder and it looks absolutely flawless. It does not crease very easily. But my skin is quite oily in the Centre and I touch up with a powder after 3-4 hours of applying it.

3. Circa beauty colour balance liquid foundation, 4.5/5:

As I have already mentioned that I am a sucker for full coverage. The color balance foundation by Circa Beauty is absolutely full coverage. It comes in a glass bottle packaging. Not the best packaging for carrying it in your bag, but the bottle makes it look very expensive. No one would be able to tell you that it is a $10 foundation with a packaging like that. This is what I absolutely loved about the foundation. Apart from the performance, that we will talk about later, the packaging gets a 10 out of 10 from me. The glass bottle gives it the most luxurious look ever. Glass bottles are also very friendly towards our climate as well.

Now coming to the performance of this foundation, it is medium to full coverage. Upon applying the first layer, you will notice that it is quite full coverage. If you want “full” full coverage, you can build it up as well. I have tried doing that personally and it did not look thick, cakey or creased at all. I apply it with a beauty sponge for when I want a more matte, full coverage finish. I apply it with a brush for when I want a radiant finish. No matter how many foundations I have in my vanity, I always come back to this and fall in love with it over and over. The texture of this foundation is quite runny so the finish is quite on the dewy and radiant side. If you are a fellow victim of oiliness, lightly dusting your face with a matte powder will work perfectly for you.

Comparing the service it provides, with the price, it is definitely a steal. I will definitely repurchase this when the time comes.

4. Circa beauty face time pressed powder, 4.5/5:

This is my second most favourite product from this list. The circa beauty face time pressed powder is a face powder that comes in a compact packaging. The packaging gives it quite a luxurious vibe. It also comes with a puff but I do not use it. I do not use any powder puffs that come with the packaging so it is not the fault of this brand in any ways. I prefer my good old Real techniques brush to use powder on my face.

I absolutely dislike loose powder so I tend to use compact powders more. This powder gives the silkiest and smoothest finishing to your face. This and the color balance liquid foundation gives me the most perfect, smoothest, and imperfection free base. I lightly dust it on my under eyes, on my nose, on the center of my forehead, and on my smile lines. After usage, I spray my face with a setting spray. Even though the powder does not make my skin look cakey or highlights my pores, spraying face after applying powder is a part of my routine. I also use this powder for touch-ups. Since the packaging is very light and compact, I also carry it everywhere with me.

5. Circa beauty Ultrasuede cream blush, 3.5/5:

I am not a fan of blushes, let alone cream blushes. Mostly because I have very oily skin and blushes tend to disappear on me after a few hours. Not matter how much I apply it will disappear. It does not depend on the brand, or the texture of the product. I was very reluctant about buying this blush but the packaging looked very expensive and luxurious to me, so I ended up ordering one. It comes in a glass packaging and a plastic top. There are 4 shades available. I bought the shade, Capri. It looks like a very beautiful pink mauve color, something that is right up my alley.

As per the application goes, I apply it with my fingers. Before I apply it, I take a little bit and massage it on my hand to warm up the pigment. This is a little trick I have learned over the years while applying cream blushes. A lot of the time cream blushes become very patchy and does not apply very smoothly. To avoid this, you can follow this trick. This can make the application of cream blushes very easy and smooth.

It lasts on my skin for quite a while. As I have mentioned before, no blushes stay on my skin for more than 3-4 hours. The same happened with this one as well. But I will not blame the product for this. This also looks very beautiful when applied on bare face.

Overall, I really like this brand. My most favorite product from their line has to be the color balance foundation. My least favorite is the lip crayons and the lipsticks. I have tried both of these. They are not very special. The formula is not something that is rare to find at the drugstore. I found it too ordinary. The lip crayons are quite moisturizing but not very long lasting. The texture is quite ordinary as well. I personally do not think it is worth $10 for one lip crayon. On the other hand, the velvet luxe lipsticks do feel quite velvety on your lips upon application. However, it can get quite drying after a while. Overall, both of these lip products were quite average for me. I personally think you would be able to find better lip crayons and lip products at a cheaper price at the drugstore. The only complaint I have against this brand is their shade range. Their shade range is quite small and it does not cover a lot of skin tones and undertones. It is not fair that I get to enjoy the beauty of the color balance liquid foundation while another person can’t because the brand did not make it for them. If we ignore that, this brand gets a 7/10 from me.  Although I personally think it is not a matter that we should ignore. But this brand was founded quite a while ago. I hope the creative directors of Circa Beauty come out with a better shade range in the near future.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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