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Coronavirus, popular known as COVID-19, is the most serious pandemic disease the world has ever experienced. The devastating consequence is the epidemic. The whole world is almost locked down. Most of the developed countries are helpless. And the developing ones are seeing the merciless activities keeping the heads on their hands. With what weapons will they fight against this powerful and ferocious virus? They haven’t found any answer yet!

Who thought – a tiny virus would massacre this beautiful world? The coronavirus symptoms are dreadful. Scientists all around the world are trying to invent a preventive method based on the symptoms. But alas! Every time they are returning like a defeated soldier. But they are providing various suggestions so that people can get rid of it. On the other hand, some people are creating a bewildering atmosphere publishing the suggestions in another way! That is creating confusion among the general people.

Don’t worry. We have solutions for you! After researching some days, we have come out successfully with some important tips. We hope, by removing confusion, the Coronavirus tips will help you stay away from this dangerous Coronavirus disease!

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Table of Contents

When you need to wear a mask

Most of the people don’t know when they should wear a mask. Which is why they cannot utilize it properly! As a result, it brings danger instead of blessings! After researching for hours, we have come up with a solution to the problem. Let’s have a look:

  • If you are not a victim, you will only wear a mask when you look after a suspected person with COVID-19.
  • You need to wear a mask when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wearing musk will be meaningless if you don’t wash your hands with soap-water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. So, follow the things together!
  • Before wearing a mask, you have to know the process of using and disposing of it correctly.

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How to wear a mask and clean your hands

Properly wearing a mask is the number one Coronavirus tips. It can help you stay away from Coronavirus. But along with it, ensure that you are cleaning hands frequently with soap-water or sanitizer. Yes, cleaning hands several times with soap or alcohol-based hand Sanitizer is the most important coronavirus tips. However, let’s talk about how to wear a mask perfectly. The process is simple. Seriously! Let’s see:

Make the mask germ free using soap-water. Then make it dry. After that, cover your nose and mouth in such a way that there is no gap between the mask and your face.

Beware! Don’t touch the mask with hands. If you do, please keep your hands always clean.

In the case of surgical musk, you need to replace it when it becomes damp. Don’t use a single mask again and again. But if you use a mask made with cloth, you can use it frequently by washing after each use.

Always remove your mask from behind. And throw it into a dust-bin. Beware! Never touch the front.

Rumors regarding COVID-19

Coronavirus is the most dangerous one the world has ever experienced. People all over the world are so frightened that most of them are talking like mad. Different doctrines are arising from different corners. In the following, we have jotted down them and tried to prove whether they are mere rumors or real. Let’s check if you are one of them.

High temperatures (more than 25-degree Celsius) cannot prevent COVID-19 

Many people all over the world have a wrong idea. They think that excessive hot weather can destroy Coronavirus. But you can be a victim of COVID-19 amid hot and sunny weather. Fortunately, you can avoid the virus if you wash your hands frequently using either soap-water or hand sanitizer. At the same time, you must avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.

You will not die rather get back into life again 

What if you catch COVID-19? It does not mean that you must die after being a victim. Fortunately, you may recover again by removing the virus from your body. In this regard, you have to treat the symptoms found amidst you! You may suffer from throat pain, cough, difficulty breathing, and fever. In that case, you have to seek medical care as soon as possible, or at first, you can consult a doctor over the telephone. Surprisingly, supportive care helps most of the patients to recover and get back into life.

Capable of holding your breath for more than 10 seconds does not ensure your recovery

Many people apply this unreal method to check whether they are free from COVID-19 or any other respiratory diseases. To do this, generally, they try to hold their breath for more than 10 seconds when they find no coughing or physical discomfort. If they are able, they think that they’ve already recovered from the disease. Unfortunately, this idea is completely wrong. Remember, tiredness, dry cough, and fever are the most common symptoms of the disease. When you find them in you, please, make sure with a laboratory test. This breathing exercise can prove nothing! Rather, it can be more dangerous for your health.

Alcohol intake cannot fight COVID-19

At first, some experts said that alcohol intake could protect a person from COVID-19. Later, it has been proved wrong! On the other hand, excessive or frequent drinking of alcohol can bring curse instead of blessings! Seriously, it can cause problems in your body and health. 

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Cold weather cannot destroy newly born coronavirus

There is no scientific evidence that cold weather can destroy newly born coronavirus. Effectively, to stay away from the newly born coronavirus, you have to clean your hands frequently using soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub.

Mosquito bites cannot transmit new coronavirus

There is not a single evidence of it. Coronavirus usually attacks your respiratory system and primarily, spreads through air droplets. When a victim sneezes or coughs, they generate droplets. Even droplets discharged from the nose or saliva can spread the disease. To be free from the virus, the Coronavirus tips making team recommend you avoid crowds and close contact with an infected person and wash hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer.

Some most asked questions with answers

Different people are asking different types of questions. But we are noticing bewildering varieties with the answers given by different experts. After researching some days, Our Coronavirus tips making team provided the correct answers successfully. Let’s check whether your answers are correct or not:

1. Will Coronavirus die if you spray chlorine or alcohol all over your body?

Ans: This question has two possible answers. Firstly, the answer is no if you are already affected. Because chlorine or alcohol cannot kill the viruses in your body. On the other hand, the answer is yes when you are not a victim. Because they can be useful to kill the viruses on your body or any other places. In that case, you need to use them systematically.

2. Do the vaccines of pneumonia work against Coronavirus?

Ans: No, the vaccines, such as Haemophilus type B and pneumococcal vaccines cannot work against COVID-19. This one is completely a new and different type of virus. So, developing a new vaccine against this virus can be helpful. 

3. Will garlic be helpful to prevent infection?

Ans: Garlic has antimicrobial properties. It is healthy too. But we haven’t found any scientific evidence regarding Coronavirus protection. 

4. Does COVID-19 affect only the older people, or the younger generation also susceptible?

Ans: The older, young, or children can be affected by COVID-19. But the older people with heart disease, diabetes, and asthma are more vulnerable than anyone else. People under 40 years old are less vulnerable than those who are over 40. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests all to take proper steps including following good respiratory and hand hygiene to stay away from the virus. 

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5. Do antibiotics work to fight and treat Coronavirus?

Ans: Antibiotics can only fight against bacteria, not against viruses. So, they can do nothing against Coronavirus. But if you are a patient, doctors will prescribe antibiotics to avoid bacterial co-infection.

6. What are the medicines of Coronavirus?

Ans: There is no exact medicine that can be used either to prevent or to treat the virus. But many organizations including WHO are working hard to invent medicine in this regard. 

The way COVID-19 spreads

COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the most serious virus of the world, is spreading like a storm, and causing untold suffering all over the world by taking thousands of lives! Surprisingly, the whole world is locked down. And it’s so different and pandemic that scientists throughout the world are trying hard to invent medicine, but unfortunately, they haven’t found a way out!

However, the virus can spread itself in different ways. When an affected person coughs, sneezes, or even exhales, he/she discharges droplets that fall on the surfaces, objects, tables, desks, or telephones nearby. And when anyone touches those polluted areas and then touches his/her mouth, nose, or even eyes, he/she will automatically be affected. Moreover, standing within 1 meter of an affected person, one can intake the contaminated droplets while breathing and thus, becomes a victim of COVID-19.

Being a victim doesn’t mean that you must die. By leading a systematic life, you can get back into life again! So, be confident and let’s fight against it together!

Coronavirus Tips for Parenting during COVID-19

Remember, the parents should be conscious at this time so that the children remain safe. As almost all of the parents belong to the working class, they need to stay outside the home. As a result, they may return home taking the virus with them. In that case, they should interact with the children constructively. Coronavirus tips recommend you to be fresh before touching anything else in your house. Use soap-water or hand sanitizer frequently. Make a plan for your children, create a daily routine, stay positive, manage stress, avoid bad behavior, and finally, talk to them about COVID-19. 

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Coronavirus Tips

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The Conclusion

What if scientists cannot invent medicine to defeat this destructive virus? It may take time. But don’t we have anything to do as far as they invent a way out? Yes, we have. The thing is that we have to defend it anyway with courage. Don’t lose heart, please. The Coronavirus tips must help you if maintained properly. Stay at home, work according to the given tips, and stay safe!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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