Hair Loss; Home Remedies for Hair Loss

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Beautiful Hair makes attractive the beauty and personality of human, especially girls. So every day, millions of girls all over the world ask curious questions about hair loss problems and solutions. Our modern science has solved many problems of the people but despite all modern treatments, the hair on the palate of humans is getting thinner! Today we will talk about how to prevent hair loss, how to get new hair and home remedies for hair loss.

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Normal Hair fall-

Suddenly, if you discover that bald has started peep under the hair then it is normal to feel heartache. Experts say that it is normal hair fall if everyday read 100 hairs. However, there is nothing to worry about in normal hair fall. As soon as the hair falls, new hair grows in our head. But if the hair falls too much, that is, if the rate of hair fall is higher than normal, then we can be sure that the baldness begins.

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Causes of Hair fall

Environmental pollution

Age factor




Hormonal imbalances

Hereditary factors

Infection in the hair follicle

Excessive use of cosmetics

Hormonal imbalances

Neglectful to select the perfect shampoo on the basis of the hair types

In addition, due to the treatment of some diseases or side effects of the drugs may hair fall among them – thyroid, autoimmune disease, polycystic, etc. are mentionable.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Here we mentioned some home remedies of hair loss that can prevent the hair loss. We need to follow some habits that can be the best natural ways to prevent hair loss

Eliminate tight hairstyles-

If you prefer a tight hair-style, beware from now. Tight style of hair causes damage to the gland, the hair follicles are damaged and the hair begins to fall. Due to Damage to the hair follicles, the probability of growing new hair is reduced. If you want to continue to the tight hair-style, it will be very difficult to prevent the bald in your head. In the beginning, it may not seem like a problem to you, but as you grow older, the hair fall rate will increase and eventually your head will be completely baldness.

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Reduce smoking and drinking alcohol to Stop Hair Loss-

Everyone knows that excessive smoking and alcohol can cause serious harm to the body, but you do not believe it and you may not have thought that the effect of this harm could have on your hair. All the organs of the body are associated with the well-being of one another. Studies have shown that smoking and drinking are responsible for hair fall. Smoking disrupts blood circulation in the body. As a result, the proper blood circulation is not available to the glands in your hair and it can be one of the causes of hair fall. On the other hand, to drink alcohol is one of the reasons for anorexia and various nutritional problems. Which increase the rate of hair loss.

Control your mental stress to Stop Hair Loss-

Excessive anxiety increases the various problems of hair follicles. There are many people who suffer from extreme mental stress about hair fall. As a result, the rate of hair fall increases. Among of them are, telogen effluvium (which causes the hair to fall off the head automatically), trichotillomania (which create wish the hair to be pulled repeatedly, resulting in a lot of hair fall from the head) and alopecia ariata (which causes, the glands attack your immune system). So, to avoid mental stress or anxiety, do regular physical exercises.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise can help to prevent hair loss. Physical exercise keeps your body healthy, so regular exercise is also beneficial for your hair. Exercise relieves mental stress or anxiety and increases blood circulation to the body, which helps in hair growth.    

Keep your Head clean to stop Hair Loss-

Always keep the head and hair clean. Comb your hair regularly. However, be aware that the extra hair combing also increases the hair fall. Avoid combing the wet hair. Dry the hair before your hair combing.

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Natural ways to prevent hair loss

Here we mentioned some natural resources which will help to prevent hair loss.

Aloe Vera gel for hair treatment-

The Aloe Vera gel contains some enzymes that play an important role in hair growth. As a result, there is no fear to get blank the hair of the head. The benefits of Aloe Vera are not ending here. The alkaline properties present in it help to maintain the pH level. As a result, the rate of hair loss is reduced. Apply Aloe Vera gel to the skin on the head. After a few hours, rinse the head thoroughly in warm-hot water. Contextually, there are great benefits when applying Aloe Vera gel in this way 3-5 times a week.

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Use Fenugreek to stop hair fall-

Fenugreek can greatly help in preventing hair fall. In fact, many of the ingredients present in it play an important role in hair growth. Whenever you will see that the rate of hair fall is too high, take some fenugreek seeds and put them in a glass of water overnight. The next day, take the seeds from the water and make a paste. Put that paste on your head for 5 minutes and wash it. Every month, if you apply this blend in your head, hair fall will be reduced, as well as the dream of hair filling the head will be fulfilled.

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Neem leaves to prevent hair fall-

Who does not know the quality of neem leaves! Neem leaves playing an endless helping role for human skin-care. At times, the infection of the skin on our head is unknowingly shaped in dangerous. For that, the rate of hair loss increases drastically. In this case, using neem leaves is a great benefit. Because the antibacterial agent contained in this natural ingredient plays a crucial role in reducing infection. At first, some neem leaves should be boiled in water. Then cool the water and apply that water on the skin of the head. If you do this a few days you will see the benefits have started to come. However, do not use this domestic method before the bath, but after shampoo, you will get more benefits.

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Onion to prevent hair fall

Onion contains sulfur, which reduces hair fall by increasing blood flow to the hair follicle. But this is not the end, the onion juice contains a large amount of anti-bacterial properties, which kill the germs that enclose the scalp. As a result, hair follicles decrease with scalp infection. Use the onion juice to the base of the hair and keeps it for 5 minutes. Regular use of it, new hair will grow.

Blend 5 onions in a blender and collect the juice. Be sure to wash the machine thoroughly before blending. Then massage the juice directly into the head. Shampoo your hair after 5 minutes. Follow this procedure 2-3 times a week, Absolutely you will get the result within a few days.


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Use Amalaki to stop hair fall

Amalaki contains a lot of vitamin C which helps in preventing hair fall and also helps in hair growth. Vitamin C eliminates nutrient deficiencies in the hair, as well as improves the health of the hair roots. Good to know, if the amount of vitamin C in the body is reduced, hair fall will increase. So if this vitamin deficiency never happens, then care is needed. Implementation: First, mix 1 teaspoon Amalaki juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Then the mixture should be thoroughly applied to the hair and washed the next morning. 1200a3

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Mehndi (Henna leaves) to prevent hair Loss

Make some Mehndi (Henna) leaves paste and use it to your hair. After some hours wash hair by shampoo. Apply it regularly for some days to get a good result.

Besides that, you can follow the proper diet chart to prevent hair fall.

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