How I Lose Weight 110 Pounds Within One Year

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This is the true story how I lose-weight 110 pound within one year. Before 10 years My weight was normal. if I could have looked into the future to see what my life would be like, I wouldn’t have believed my eyes. The absolute joy that my children had brought into my heart was overshadowed by the severe depression and self loathing that came from being fat. I had never weighed more than 150 pounds in my entire life and I absolutely let myself go during my back to back pregnancies.

After the birth of my second child, I tipped the scales at 225. Postpartum depression sets in and I proceeded to gain another 15-20 pounds. I’m not really sure how heavy I truly got because I quit weighing myself when the scale got to 240. Food was my comfort or so I thought. What I didn’t realize then was that food was my obsession, my addiction. I never thought about lose weight. I went to bed thinking about what I was going to eat the next day. I woke up planning my day around my trips to the fast food drive thrus. Sometimes I would leave Mc Donald’s and drive a couple of miles to Taco Bell or Burger King or KFC, etc., and eat again. It was not unusual for me to grocery shop two or three times a week. I could and often did eat a dozen donuts for breakfast. I’d eat whole bags of chips and wash it down with a two liters of soda. The momentary rush and happiness that food gave me would immediately be followed by extreme guilt and shame over what I was doing to my body and my emotional well being. then I just started to think about to lose weight.

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For four years I told myself that for just ONE more day I would eat all I wanted of whatever I wanted and then start my diet tomorrow. Then the next day would roll around and here we go again. My “light bulb” moment hit me one day when I realized that food had become the most important thing in my life. I loved food more than myself, more than my family. Food controlled me and I wanted out of the cycle of self-abuse.

After I turned the corner, I never looked back. I just promised myself I have to lose weight and wanted to make a change for me, no one else. I started the Atkins lifestyle in February of 06′ and by December was down 100 pounds. Although I did lost weight a total of 110, once I started working out three days a week with a personal trainer, I have gained back about six pounds because lean muscle weighs more than fat. 

I am 5’9″ and used to weigh 240+ and wear a size 22. My measurements were 42-42-48 and my BMI was 44% which by definition put me in the obese category. My cholesterol was 230 and my triglycerides were 160. Last August when I had my yearly physical, those numbers came down to 173 and 79 respectively.

Now, I wear a size 4 and my measurements are 34-28-36. I am a different person and feel better than I did ten years ago. I have accomplished so much in the past year and it makes me proud but also very humble.

Millions of people suffer from being overweight and now that I have been there I know exactly how hard it is to make a change. That comfort zone we build up around ourselves cradles us and allows us to feel safe, but if we don’t look outside that zone to see all the things that we could possibly be, it will wrap around us and squeeze us so tight that we suffocate. I have taken my life back and embrace each day and try to live it to the fullest.

If I can do it, I know there are others who can too. You just have to want to. I am going to list a few weight loss tips that I believe worked miracles for me.

I believe you will be able to lose weight if you follow the tips given below-

  1. Drink lots of water. You hear it all the time, but it’s true.
  2. Never eat after 6 pm. Or as a general rule, don’t eat three hours prior to bedtime.
  3. Keep your portions small. Use a small plate if you have to so that it looks like you are eating a lot.
  4. Eat only until SATISFIED, never to full.
  5. Graze throughout the day even if you don’t feel hungry. It keeps your metabolism from slowing down.
  6. If the scale doesn’t move for a week or two, DON’T GIVE UP! Buy a flexible measuring tape and take your measurements. You will lose inches even though the scale isn’t moving in the direction you wish!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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