Top 7 tree hut coconut lime reviews

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It is quite hard to find a personal care brand that works, is not overpriced and uses all-natural products. So, when I find a personal care brand, that works and is reasonably priced, I try to use almost all the products of that particular brand. This helps me to find more worthy products without the extra hassle of surfing the web. Using more than one product from one brand allows your skin care regimen to be easier as well as helps the products to work faster as well. It is not a necessity to use one brand for all your needs, but if it is possible, then it can be actually quite beneficial to you. A brand that helped me to do this, is the brand Tree hut. After surfing through their entire website, and trying out almost all the products available, I finally did the impossible. I picked a favorite. Now I said this is impossible is because the brand actually offers multiple scents for each product. After trying almost all the products and all the scents, my favorite is the coconut lime scent. Today we will be talking about top 7 tree hut coconut lime products.

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A little to know about the brand ‘tree hut’ and its coconut lime line:

A lot of people do not like fragrance in their body care. In my humble opinion, fragrance in personal care is quite important as post usage the fresh smell hanging in your body actually makes you feel refreshed. Added fragrance is not good nor appreciated, but if it is an all-natural brand like tree hut, where the fragrance comes from all the goodness of the ingredients, then it is a must. Tree hut is an all-natural brand, and most of their products contains shea body butter. Their products are targeted at dry skin and helps to nourish skin that needs help and assistance. The coconut lime scent is fruity, reminds you of summer and refreshing. Using products of this particular smell made me feel more refreshed than any other scent could.

Top 7 tree hut coconut lime products:

The tree hut coconut lime line has a lot of products. I have used all of the products available in the site, and have listed them according to my preference below. I have divided the products in 2 different segments. I will talk about the products, and break down how I have used those to get the best results. Below are my top 7 tree hut coconut lime products:

Complete body care

1. Tree hut shea moisturizing coconut lime body wash:

The main reason I use body wash instead of soaps is, soaps can be quite harsh on dry and rough skin. not only can it strip the moisture out of your skin, it can also irritate your skin to an extent. This is why body washes are a better option as it is the much gentler version of a body soap, with the same cleansing abilities, minus the damage.

The tree hut body washes are made with 100% natural shea butter, and infused with various essential oils like safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, sweet macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, and orange oil. The coconut lime body wash is also infused with coconut and lime extracts as well. All the body washes from tree hut performs the same according to me, but the coconut lime scent attracts me more because of how refreshing it smells. The body washes cleanses skin very nicely, does not leave skin feeling irritated or itchy, makes skin very soft and the change is apparent from the first wash. The best part is the scent hangs in your body for quite a long time. This body wash is free of parabens, all sorts of toxic chemicals, formaldehyde donors and sulphate.

Get this body wash here.

2. Tree hut shea sugar scrub in coconut lime:

The importance of exfoliation and scrubbing cannot be described in words. Especially when you have dry skin, scrubbing at least once a week replenishes and nourishes your skin. Scrubs get rid of the dead skin cells that has been clogging up your body, revealing softer skin cells underneath. However, if the scrub you are using is a very coarse and rough one, then you are at the risk of harming your skin more than doing any good.

When you visit the page of the tree hut shea sugar scrub, you will see how well loved this product is, by scrolling through the reviews. When I first saw the hype, I was pretty confused. Once I used this, I realized this product definitely deserves all the attention it gets.

The texture of the tree hut sugar scrub is what makes it one of the most amazing sugar scrubs available. The texture of the product is not too coarse, it is rather mousse-y. It is infused with 100% natural shea butter, various sources of natural skin conditioners, which makes the product glide on your skin very nicely. Due to the infusion of natural hydrants, the scrub does not dry out or irritate my skin at all. I use it once a week on my entire body. The product comes in a quite big jar, but since it is a body scrub, each usage requires quite a lot of product. However, when combined with the price, and the service, this scrub is unbeatable in my eyes.

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3. Tree hut 24 hour intense hydrating shea body butter in coconut lime:

Body butters are not quite well known as body lotions. Most people do not like body butters as it tends to leave their skin feeling very greasy and sticky. As someone who has very dry skin, body lotions are not enough for me. I have to reapply in every two hours to stop my skin from drying out. This is why when I found out about the body butters of tree hut, I did not hesitate to grab some immediately.

The main ingredient in these body butters is 100% natural shea body butter. Apart from shea butter, this body butter is infused with safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and orange oil. These are natural skin moisturizers that will hydrate, moisturize and soften your skin. These ingredients moisturize dry skin and heals it. The best part of this body butter is that it keeps my drier than Sahara Desert skin hydrated for hours. I do not have to reapply after every two something hours. It leaves a very nice glow post usage. My body does not feel greasy at all. Using this body butter at night leaves me with very soft skin in the morning.

The formula of the product itself makes it one of my most favorite products from this brand. The additional scent of coconut and lime that lingers around my body for hours is absolutely amazing. This product is free of parabens, and sulphate.

Get this Body Butter Here.

4. Tree hut moisturizing hand cream in coconut lime:

Hand creams should be an essential for people with dry skin. As I have mentioned before as well, my body is very dry; especially my hands. Due to washing my hands very often, my palms dry up very quickly, and I need to moisturize it in every 1-2 hour. Body lotions, body butter is great for moisturizing your entire body, but when it comes to moisturizing your palms, you need something more. The tree hut moisturizing hand cream does exactly the same for me. It is hydrating, the coconut lime fragrance makes you feel very refreshed and you do not have to reapply in every 2 hours either. This cream is made of 100% natural shea butter and is infused with various natural skin conditioner that hydrates, nourishes and smoothens dry, cracked hand.

The best part of this cream is that it absorbs to your skin without leaving a greasy feeling. The scent of coconut and lime stays for quite a while. It comes in a tube-shaped bottle which makes it very convenient to carry with you everywhere. This cream is free of parabens, free of formaldehyde donors, sulphates, and all sort of harmful chemicals.

Get this hand cream here.

Tree hut bare moisturizing coconut lime products

The tree hut bare line is fairly a new line of personal care products that entirely focuses on shaving care. This line offers you multiple pre-shave, post shave products that will make your hygiene routine easier than ever. Now I have all the products from this line, and have selected my top 4 products below.

1. Tree hut bare moisturizing coconut lime shave oil:

I have always used shaving foam or cream for shaving. While scrolling through the website of tree hut, this particular product caught my attention. I have always wanted to try shaving oil, but most of those were very expensive and out of my budget. So, when I saw that this is extremely reasonably priced and comes in my favorite scent, I grabbed it immediately.

The texture of the shave oil is not too thick, nor too runny. Due to not being overly thick, it does not clog your razor. Due to the texture being not too runny, it allows your razor to glide on to your skin nicely without any slips. The most amazing part is, when I use this shave oil to shave, my skin feels amazing post shave. It feels very smooth, hydrated and nourished. The best part of using this shave oil is that it allows me to see where I am shaving. This makes shaving so easier and saves so much time. This product offers a gel to oil formula. The bottle comes with a pump, and a little of this goes a long away.

Get this Shave Oil here.

2. Tree hut bare coconut lime hydrating shave butter:

If shaving creams or foams do not work for you anymore, and you are looking for something that offers the same convenience of a shave oil but provides more hydration than a shave oil, then the tree hut bare coconut lime hydrating shave butter is just the product for you. This shave butter offers the same convenience as a shave oil, except it offers more hydration and nutrition for dry and sensitive skin. The captivating fragrance of coconut, lime and palm leaves make my skin smell amazing post shaving. Since it is a shave butter, it might make you wonder if it will clog the razor or not. However, when applied on wet skin, the consistency of the shave butter becomes thin enough for it to not clog the razor in any ways. It helps the razor to glide on to my skin very nicely, leaving me with very smooth skin. This shave butter is free of parabens, sulphates, and formaldehyde donors. It comes in a tube packaging which makes the application process very convenient.

Get this hydrating Shave Butter Here.

3. Tree hut bare coconut lime post shave soothing mist:

The tree hut shave oil and butter is very moisturizing. However, it is important to use an after shave to soothe your skin first and then go with a moisturizer, or maybe a body lotion. Without proper post shave care, your skin will be more prone to razor bumps, and start to feel very irritated. A lot of the people tend to use after shave as it calms and soothes the skin immediately. However, the alcohol in after shave tends to dry out my skin even more. After the inflammation dies, it leaves me with very dry, irritated and itchy skin.

The post shave soothing mist from tree hut does the exact same work as an after shave, except it moisturizes my skin along with soothing it. Spritzing it on areas right after I have shaved instantly soothes my skin. But the real magic of this product can be seen after a day has passed. My skin looks absolutely smooth, free of razor bumps. It does not feel itchy, or looks uneven to me at all. The shea butter in the mist makes it very moisturizing and hydrating. It is also infused with ginger root extract, aloe Vera oil, and grape fruit oil. The addition of coconut and lime makes my body smell heavenly. The only problem with the product is that since it comes in a spray bottle, if you are not careful during usage, you can end up wasting a lot of product. Get it here.


Are tree hut body scrubs good?

Ans: Tree hut body scrubs are one of the most loved body scrubs on amazon. This product has more than 80 thousand user reviews and is the number one best seller in amazon. With this much of positive user review, your question has been answered already. The reason this product is so well loved is because, it is made of all natural products. It is infused with 100% natural shea body butter, a superfood for dry skin, that ensures your skin remains hydrated and nourished even after scrubbing. Due to the texture of the scrub, it scrubs and exfoliates your dead skin cells very gently without hurting or being too harsh on your fresh skin.

Can you use tree hut scrub on your face?

Ans: The tree hut sugar scrub is an all natural sugar scrub. It is made of 100% pure, natural and organic shea butter and is infused with various essential oils and goodness that allows the scrub to be moisturizing on your skin despite the exfoliation. The texture of this product is not very coarse which allows it to be very gentle on the skin. however, this product is advertised as a body scrub. The key difference between a facial scrub and a body scrub lies in the texture of the product. Our facial skin is very thin, and is way more sensitive than our body. This is why using a body scrub, no matter how gentle the product is, might cause more harm than expected. It can leave micro tears in the layers of the skin, which will cause you to age faster, meaning more wrinkles appearing on your face at a younger age. So, it is not wise to use the tree hut body scrub on your face.

Can you use tree hut scrub everyday?

Ans: Scrubs are one of the most essential products of a body care routine. Scrubbing and exfoliating gently removes all the dead skin cells sitting on top of your body, and helps to appear fresh skin lying underneath. This allows the moisturizers, lotions and creams you use to absorb faster and better. Scrubbing also nourishes our skin. however, scrubbing is not required more than once per week. If you are using the tree hut scrub to exfoliate your body, you should do it once a week. Using it more than once will cause irritation on your skin because when you exfoliate your skin daily, you will be exfoliating fresh skin over and over. This will irritate your skin and dry it out even more. Especially if you have a very dry body, then it is not wise to use scrubs more than twice in a week.

Is tree hut good for sensitive skin?

Ans: Tree hut is an all natural brand. All the products they make is infused with 100% natural and organic shea butter. All the ingredients are sourced locally, from where they belong, and then brought all the way to USA. The products get manufactured right here in the US. This brand is free of sulphate, free of formaldehyde donor and paraben. Since it is all natural, it does not contain any harmful chemicals either. If you have a sensitive skin type, this naterra brand is the perfect choice for you.

Is tree hut all natural?

Ans: Tree hut claims to be a naterra brand. According to them, all the products are made of organic ingredients sourced locally. All the products of this brand is infused with organic shea butter, and organic essential oils. All the products are free of paraben, formaldehyde donors, harmful or toxic chemical and sulphate as well. This brand is not vegan as some of the product contains honey, which is not vegan. However, if you check the ingredient list and avoid the ones made of honey, you will be able to find vegan products as well.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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