Tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil review

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Shaving is a very controversial topic in recent times. Whether you want to shave your body hair or not, entirely depends on your personal opinion. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to shave your body hair. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with wanting to shave your body hair either. When it comes to my views on shaving, I personally prefer shaving my body hair as it makes me feel a little more self-confident. However, I do not think that people must shave their body hair. As I have been saying since the beginning, it is your body, and you are the only person who gets to decide what you should do with it. On my journey of finding the ultimate shaving companion, not a foam that will become a barrier between my vision and my body hair, not a shave oil that will be too slippery and I will end up cutting myself, I found the tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil. This $12 shave oil changed my take on shaving.

Before this, shaving was a mundane chore that I did as a part of my self-care routine. But ever since I have been using it, I enjoy shaving more than ever as this makes shaving easier and makes it feel like a luxurious self-care routine.

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What is it?

The tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil is made of 100% pure natural shea butter and is infused with various emollients. If you are not aware of what emollients are supposed to do, it is the quality of a product to soothe, soften, and nourish your skin. Since the brand β€œtree hut” is a naterra brand, all of their products are made of plant-based ingredients. These shave oils are free of parabens, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemical ingredients. It comes in a clear bottle. The product itself is a clear shave oil; making shaving easier than ever. The bottle comes with a pump.


This shave oil is the ultimate shaving companion. After I use this, I do not need to use a shaving foam over this, I do not need to moisturize my skin post shaving. A lot of people use this as a post shaving moisturizer but I, personally believe this is not it should be used.
I dampen my skin a little and then apply it to the area I am meant to be shaving. For me, one pump is enough to cover the entirety of one of my legs. If you are shaving a smaller area at a time, I recommend using lesser than one full pump. I let the oil sit in my skin for 30 seconds and then start shaving.

Why I like it

One of the prime reasons why I like using a shave oil to shave is because it allows me to see where my razor is going. When it comes to using shaving foam, I can’t do the same, and this occurs a shaving accident. This oil does not clog up my razor with shaved hair at all. It is not slippery or too oily at all. I know that is a weird expression to describe an oil but once you use this, you would be able to understand what I am talking about. I do not need to moisturize my skin post shaving anymore. Using this makes my skin feel way better, softer, and smoother. I do not get razor burns anymore as well.

There are 4 different scents of the tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil available on Amazon right now. I have actually used all 4 of these and will be writing an elaborated review on these below.

1. The tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil; coconut lime:

Before I got hooked into the tree hut shave oil, I actually used to use coconut oil on skin post shaving. The smell of coconuts reminded me of a getaway to Hawaii or maybe to a beach far away from the madness of city life. The benefits of coconut oil as a body moisturizer is immeasurable. The base of this shave oil is 100% pure shea butter extracted from all the way to Africa. It is not too slippery, not too thick; has the perfect amount of oiliness that allows you to glide through your body hair. The lime in it adds a splash of refreshment; just the right amount.
It comes in a bottle of 7.7 FL OZ. It is free of parabens, and all sorts of toxic chemical ingredients.

2. The tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil; Moroccan rose:

The base of this product is 100% shea butter sourced worldwide. It is infused with Moroccan argan oil. Apart from the goodness of shea butter, a natural moisturizer that soothes, softens, and hydrates dry and cracked skin, Moroccan argan oil is great for its hydrating abilities. I found this one to be the most moisturizing and hydrating amongst all the other shave oils. When it comes to performance, it performs just like all the other 3.
It comes in a bottle of 7.7 FL OZ. If you have exceptionally dry and uneven skin, this is the right product for you.

3. The tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil; Tahitian vanilla bean:

This shave oil too is made with 100% pure shea butter. The most amazing part of this shave oil is definitely its fragrance. I have always loved vanilla as a fragrance. That is what drew it to me the most. It smells like a refreshing summer evening. The presence of vanilla bean in the scent was not overpowering at all. In fact, it left my body with a very sweet and subtle scent of vanilla post shaving. When it comes to the performance of this, it does not perform any differently than the other 3 of this list. It softens, moisturizes, and evens out my dry and cracked skin. Just like the other 3, I absolutely loved this one as well.
It comes in a clear bottle of 7.7 FL OZ.

4. The tree hut bare moisturizing shave oil; pomegranate citrus

This is the last shave oil on the list. At first, I was a bit skeptical about buying 4 shave oils just to find out why it is so hyped. This is also the last one tried. I was hoping to find one negative side of this as I could not find it in the other 3. Unfortunately, I could not. This too performed perfectly on my skin. It softened my skin and smoothened it. My skin was feeling very hydrated post shaving. The base of this shave oil is 100% natural shea butter; just like the other 3. The scent of citrus fruit made me feel like I just got out of a very luxurious spa session. This shave oil cost is $12 only. The scent of this is my second favorite after the Tahitian vanilla bean.
It comes in a bottle of 7.7 FL OZ just like the other 3.


1. What is shave oil?

Ans: A shave oil is a shame as a shaving foam, shaving cream, or shave balm. It is a shaving companion just in the form of oil. shaving oil can be a great option if your skin tends to itch, burn, and irritate post-shaving. If you get razor burns and nicks from shaving, using a shave oil will allow your skin to soften up and protect your skin from getting razor burns and razor bumps. The best part of using a shaving oil is you can actually see where your razor is going. Most shaving oils are quite thin in consistency and is not slippery at all. It also does not clog your razor either.

2. Where can I buy tree hut shave oil?

Ans: Tree hut products are available almost everywhere. You can find tree hut products in stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, Ulta beauty, etc. If you are looking for an online option to buy your desired tree hut products, you can check out their own website, amazon as well as the websites of the stores mentioned before.

3. Should you shave with coconut oil?

Ans: Coconut oil is an excellent body moisturizer. It is quite controversial as a facial moisturizer because it is comedogenic which means it clogs facial pores and causes blackheads. However, some people swear by it as it is actually very beneficial to their dry skin. coconut oil can be used as a body moisturizer due to its hydrating properties. Along with that, it can also be used as a shaving oil. Using it will allow your skin to soften up and make the shaving process easier.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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