Walking for weight loss- the best weight loss plan

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Walking is the best exercise. One hand, it keeps your body fit, and on the other hand, helps you lose bodyweight. Obviously, walking for weight loss has already been a popular medium for many health-conscious people. 

While others use medicine or do extreme physical labor in this regard. But if you simply follow an effective walking plan with some techniques, you can see the magic with your eyes!

In this article, for your help, we are going to introduce you to the best effective walking plan for losing your body weight. Let’s have a look for a better experience:

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Table of Contents

The Benefits of Walking In Your Daily Life

Walking has multiple functions in your body. Research proves that walking converts our body and mind cheerful and healthy. Also, walking can add about 2 extra years to your life span. It also helps you shed the unwanted weight of your body. Walking for an hour briskly can lessen the belly fat of a woman up to 20%.

Three more benefits of it are:

Guard of a brain:

Walking can reduce the possibility of stroke. It reduces 30% risk of stroke if done regularly for 2 hours every week. It also guards your brain by lessening 36% of depression if you do daily for 30 minutes.

Keep the heart healthy:

If you walk for 40 minutes even three times a week, it can reduce a 38% possibility of heart failure than a non-walker. Even walking for 20 minutes daily can decrease a 30% possibility of your heart disease. Moreover, it lessens obesity from your daily life.

Strengthen bones:

Walking for four hours every week removes the possibility of your hip fracture up to 43 percent. If you walk more, your life will be more dynamic in the future.

What Should You Do Before Walking?

Generally, you get up early in the morning and go for a walk intending to lose some weight. But only walking to weight loss can be boring and just after a few days, you may stop doing the job. Here are some important tips for you that can make your walking experience more enjoyable:

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Put on a pair of suitable shoes:

Shoes are the most important part of walking. A pair of shoes having flexible soles can provide you perfect comfort and make your walking experience even better than before. At the same time, the stiff heel counters of the shoes can obstruct side to side motion. Low heeled shoes having general flat surfaces are undoubtedly lightweight, cushioned, and even comfortable!

Prepare a playlist:

A perfect and enjoyable soundtrack can lessen the extra effort of your job. It will prevent you from pushing harder and thus, allow you to go farther reducing your level of tiredness.

Select your destination:

If you walk aimlessly, your effort may be less effective! In that case, knowing or selecting your route can be helpful. It will make you confident and give you comfort without wasting any time! Choosing a grade, terrain, and a very long route can be more interesting.

Find a suitable walking partner:

Thousands of researches have shown that walking with a friend is a good way to achieve weight loss successfully. In this way, you will get a companion to gossip or discuss various issues and your walking experience will be more enjoyable!

Maintain a diary:

Your walking for weight loss program will be more effective if you maintain a diary daily. Prepare your walking routine; write down your time, distance, and weekly weight there.

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A 7 days plan of walking for weight loss 

Walking without maintaining a system can be useless and an obstacle on the way to your goal. Here is an effective plan for you so that you can lose weight systematically. Let’s have a look:

  • Saturday: This day, you need a long walking workout. To do so, firstly, walk easily for 30 minutes at an active pace. After that, you have to finish your workout by walking for 30 to 90 minutes more at a normal pace.
  • Sunday: Walk for 60 minutes long at an active pace. 
  • Monday: You don’t require to workout this day rather you had better go with easy strolls in or around your house.
  • Tuesday: Walk for 30 minutes at an active pace. You can add extra strength workout training along with it.
  • Wednesday: Walk for a short time. You can continue doing it for 30 minutes at an active pace.
  • Thursday: You have to do a long walking workout for 60 minutes at an active pace.
  • Friday: This day you can walk for 30 minutes at an active pace. You can add some strength-training workout with it.

If you follow the above walking for weight loss plan, we guarantee that this can help you lose around 2000 calories per week. But depending on your weight, the calorie-burning may vary.

Techniques should be applied with the walking workout plan for faster weight lose

1. Choose the right pace:

We all know that walking regularly is very beneficial to health and can help you lose your body weight. Picking up the right pace can improve your level of fitness. Pace helps make all forms of aerobic exercise including swimming and running different. A brisk or an active pace can reduce more calories than choosing a slow pace during the walking. So, you have to choose the right pace to burn more bodyweight while walking.

2. Put on a heavy vest

Additional weight during a workout can reduce more calories than normal body weight. So you can put on a heavy weighted vest while walking! Statistics show that if the vest weighs 15% more than their body weight, it can burn 12% more fat than a person wearing a normal dress.

But you had better give up wearing wrist or ankle weights. At the same time, you should avoid taking weights in your hands. Both things can cause various types of muscle problems. However, I have a warning for you! People having neck or back problems should avoid a heavy weighted vest.

3. Walking upwards & then downwards

Walking uphill and walking down from the hill regularly can increase calorie burning. So, set up your goal to walk uphill or stairs more and more, and get down from there. This will put a lot of pressure on your body and ultimately help you lose weight.

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4. Pay attention to posture and form

Mere walking may not always bring blessings to you. So, paying attention to posture and form at that time is also an important factor. When you walk, you must look ahead all the time. This will help increase the level of your speed and lengthen your stride. Also, you should pay attention to tighten your abdominal glutes and muscles. You need to do it continuously but if you want you can take short intervals.

5. Organizing resistance training with intervals

Tricep dips, a kind of resistance training, can make your walks more effective if you add it during the walking workout. Moreover, it can help you increase new muscle development, and burn more calories! You can take some more exercises, such as pushups, burpees, squats, squat thrusts, lunges, etc. with intervals. They can help you build new muscles and balance your heart rate. Nevertheless, your walking routine can be more interesting if you follow them while walking.

6. Maintain power walking in intervals

Want to burn more calories? Then try for power walking in intervals. This will certainly help you lose your body weight! Power walking means walking very fast! Firstly, for warming up, walk for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, raise the level of your pace and continue doing it until you feel uncomfortable and return to your normal pace after 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the technique continuously until you finish the workout for perfect results.

7. Three shorter walks after each meal

Statistics show that if 60+ years old slothful persons walk for 15 minutes three times after each meal, it will control their levels of blood sugar, and it will be more beneficial than walking for 45 minutes at a time! We all know that long walks are extremely beneficial for health and weight loss. Some people may not get enough time for extra pressure of work. They can follow this technique to keep their body fit.

8. Aiming for more steps each day

Many guides tell people to perform 10,000 steps a day. It is similar to 5 miles! If you use a treadmill, it will help you count your steps. So, try to increase the steps daily. 

Other techniques in this sector can be helpful. For instance, you can use stairs instead of escalators or elevator, park your car far away from your working place, spend your break by walking inside your room or around your desk, and so on.

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9. Go for a walk soon after waking up

One of the most effective techniques to lose weight is to start walking just after getting up from sleep. When you sleep, your body has calorie deficiency, and if you do it soon after waking up, it will flare up the fat reducing capability! 

10. Swing the arms during walking

When you walk, try to swing your arms sometimes. It will put pressure on the upper part of your body! So, you will have extra upper body workout free! Nevertheless, it will allow you to burn 5 to 10 % more calories. Sometimes, you can bend your arms at a 90-degree angle. This will also help you lose weight!

Some tips for post-walk

  • Drink plenty of plain water
  • Drink a cup of green tea returning from the workout
  • Eat snack with almond
  • Form walking as a habit and a part of life
  • Eat less than you burn through walking

The conclusion

Many people have a wrong tendency. They think that only walking for weight loss cannot bring success. Therefore, they choose strong medicine, or go for extreme dieting, or hard physical labor. But they may bring health damage. Just follow the above walking plan and techniques for a month. It will certainly bring blessings to your life!

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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